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Very few financial institutions have found a way to show a reasonable return on investment of a youth savings program. Until now.

sfgsfgFrom highly stimulating educational games, interactive adventures, social networking (facebook, youtube, twitter..), iphone and ipod applications, a school curriculum and a fund raiser module; kids, teens and young adults learn about earning (allowance) and saving (setting goals), spending (learning to buy), sharing (giving to causes they believe in) investing as well as budgeting.

Ekomini can add value to the program you have or create value with a new customer-centric program. We measure RROI – the Real Return on Investment based on three variables: The child, the parents and the brand.

The ROI generated by Ekomini Solutions is higher than conventional marketing method.

Ekomini proven advantages for your financial institution:

  • Brings families to your branches
  • Enhances cross-sell opportunities
  • Significantly lower clients acquisition cost
  • Increases revenue per client product
  • Increases customer loyalty, satisfaction and trust
  • Enhances social image and involvement
  • Facilitates transition to your online communication channelBig-image

Ekomini PiggyBank

Ekomini’s piggy bank is an easy to install tool that provides a proven turn-key guide to parents on how to teach their children, in a fun way, the fundamentals of financial literacy and money management.

Combine Ekomini financial literacy products in your campaign; it’s the perfect promotional gift for a kid’s bank account opening.

Let us work together and provide our children a necessary knowledge.display

Everyone knows that first experiences are the ones, most remembered through life: first friend, first school, first car, first bank. These first experiences create strong and enduring bonds. For a financial institution, it opens the doors to highly profitable lifetime customer potential. Investing in a child’s financial education adds significant equity to a brand.

Smart bankers link their youth savings program to the parent’s financial services portfolio as a means to increase their share of wallet with the purchase of new financial products. Ekomini has the ability to significantly improve parent loyalty due to the emotional connection with their children and create opportunity for greater customer contact with an increase in visits to the financial institution’s branches. When tied to specific financial services the return on investment is quick and highly measurable.

A smart, youth savings program focuses on customer engagement and shows commitment to the community.  The brand becomes hi

ghly differentiated and relevant as adults enter into their wealth creation years. And a financial institution’s brand image shines even more.

Ekomini also features and offers displays to help your institution promote Ekomini Piggybank to your customer in a fun, interactive and high impact way.

We are offering 2.0 personalised displays, where Ekomini patented  Electronic Piggybank is connected to an Adroid Tablet.

This Androïd 9 inches Tablet can include an app linked to the piggybank or a loop video with/out sound.

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