Répondre à vos besoins en matière d’éducation financière

Les solutions Ekomini vont contribuer au bienfait financiers des futures générations.

Institutions Financières

Today, many financial institutions have savings programs with their young customers. They set them up with a savings account, most often supervised by the parents and provide them with basic information. EKOMINI™ enriches the experience for these young customers. EKOMINI™ is a turn-key youth savings and financial literacy initiative personalized to a participating financial institution’s brand.

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Conseillers Financiers

(US) Ekomini products and apps provide financial service providers a unique and effective lead generator platform that delivers qualified business opportunities and at the same time introduce financial literacy education to the whole family.

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(US) More and more governments are integrating financial literacy education into their school curriculum. Ekomini products and apps provide excellent delivery tools to reach and engage teachers and students to make financial literacy education fun and interesting.

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Vente au détail et franchises

(US) The EKOMINI™ technology and interactive platform can be personalized to add value to the products that a retailer offers to their customers which might include the custom development of a unique piggy bank or money box to their product configuration or even a new product as an extension of their brand portfolio. A unique opportunity to introduce financial literacy education to the parents and their children.

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We invite all type of foundations to work with schools using our fundraising online platform. As children learn the meaning of money they also discover how important it is to share and donate to causes they believe in. Teaching them to evaluate which causes are worthy, and to balance giving with saving and spending is more valuable than simply telling them that they should be generous without providing any guidance.

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