EkoLearn is a structured and fun interactive way of teaching kids about money which can be used to enhance the existing curriculum while financial literacy becomes a mandatory subject in every schools. Helping to create a better money savvy generation should be a priority for all schools.

The workshops

A student’s guide and a teacher’s manual for all level. An easy and structured way to bring financial literacy to your class room.


  • Printable PDF guide for the students
  • Printable PDF manual for the teacher
  • Every module has:
  • An introduction to the subject
  • An activity class
  • Homework on the online platform
  • An evaluation grid to validate learning curves
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Ekolearn The platform

EkoLearn is a set of learning resources to help elementary-level students establish the foundations of sound personal financial skills.

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  • These learning activities will help students develop their understanding of:
  • The concepts of saving, spending, income, money, profit, planning a budget, barter and scarcity;
  • The difference between wants and needs;
  • The consequences of financial decisions, good or bad.
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