Created for parents who want to give a sense of responsability to their tweens.
This module is an interactive weekly agenda of house chores for parents who don’t always have the time and energy to manage this at home.

The Allowance Module

Tweens receive reward points for every approved and completed tasks. These points are then converted into privileges: going out with friends, mobile time…


  • Earn credits that convert into real money
  • e-mail and alert Reminder
  • Manage the credits (money) yourself
  • Share credits with friends
  • Earn some independency
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Parent interface

A management system for parents who set an allowance in their household to provide their tweens financial education.


  • Create daily or weekly tasks
  • Approve completed tasks
  • Give special challenges
  • Give consequences for bad behavior
  • Decide on the type of credits vs real money
  • Parental control over their mobile phone
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