EKOMINI is a the first web-based and interactive moneybox in the world Take a tour of Ekomini's web-based and interactive way of learning how to save, invest and share money Everything kids should know about money. The Ekomini way. A web-based edutainment platform. Educational games for kids with a real-time connection to the Ekomini moneybox A secure portal where parents can follow their child’s financial education progress Enhance your children's language, mathematical and deductive skills. EKOMINI is a company devoted to the development of fun, entertaining and interactive learning solutions for children.

Frequently Asked Question on the use of EKOMINI™

Your coin saver is not working?

  • Make sure the batteries are correctly installed.
  • Follow the polarity + and - when inserting the batteries in the coin reader unit.
  • Make sure the batteries are fully charged. When in doubt, check with two other batteries.
  • Before plugging in the coin saver, make sure the light next to the coin slot is on when you insert a coin.

When I plug in my coin saver nothing happens on the screen, the computer does not respond?

  • First of all, when you connect your moneybox, go to www.ekominiville.com and click on the EkominiVille Icon.
  • Once the coin saver is connected, if nothing happens on the computer screen (no USB device detected), make sure the USB cable is properly inserted at both ends (coin saver and computer).
  • If the problem persists, check the USB cable condition or try with another cable.
  • Make sure your operating system meets the product’s requirements (Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, and Mac OS 10.4 or greater).

I cannot access www.ekominiville.com?

  • Check your Internet connection, launch a browser (Internet Explorer 7.0 +, Mozilla Firefox 3.0 + or Apple Safari) and type a frequently used Internet URL (e.g. www.google.com).
  • If this URL does not work, check that the RJ45 cable is properly connected to your computer, restart your modem and check if the connection to the telephone line or cable is working.
  • If you using a wireless network (Wi-Fi), make sure the Wi-Fi indicator on your computer is on and that you are properly connected to the wireless network in your home.
  • Once these items are checked, maybe the EKOMINI™ server is undergoing maintenance. Wait a few minutes and return to www. ekominiville.com.

On ekominiville.com, I do not see the edges of the screen?

  • You must check that your version of Adobe Flash Player (10) is properly installed and updated. For more information, go to www. adobe.com and install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.

On www.ekominiville.com, everything is correctly displayed but the screen will not detect my coin saver?

  • When you connect your coin saver, www.ekominiville.com offers to install a driver to communicate with your coin saver. A Mac or Windows message will appear asking whether you want to download, open or cancel, please reply: open; wait until the download is complete and then accept all security prompts. You can now return to the website. Your coin saver will then be detected.

On the site and game platform, some coins don’t add up in the interface following their insertion into the coin saver?

  • Always check that your USB cable is properly connected at both ends, and wait a moment (5 seconds) before inserting another coin.