EKOMINI is a the first web-based and interactive moneybox in the world Take a tour of Ekomini's web-based and interactive way of learning how to save, invest and share money Everything kids should know about money. The Ekomini way. A web-based edutainment platform. Educational games for kids with a real-time connection to the Ekomini moneybox A secure portal where parents can follow their child’s financial education progress Enhance your children's language, mathematical and deductive skills. EKOMINI is a company devoted to the development of fun, entertaining and interactive learning solutions for children.



  1. Insert batteries
  2. Connect money box to computer with USB cable
  3. Type www.ekominiville.com in your browser and follow instructions on screen
  4. Use of EKOMINI™ Coin Reader
  5. Opening the Coin Saver

1. Battery installation (Batteries not included)

Battery installation

The following operation must be done by an adult.
EKOMINI™ requires 3 AAA alkaline batteries (AAA, LR6, 15A or equivalent) to operate when it is not connected to a computer. To install or replace batteries, use a flat end screwdriver (not included) to open coin reader as illustrated.
Install batteries correctly, observing the polarity (+, -) signs. Replace cover and coin reader in place on moneybox.

Battery notice:

  • The use of new alkaline batteries is recommended for best performance.
  • Do not mix old and new batteries as well as different types: (alkaline, standard (carbon-zinc) or rechargeable (nickel-cadmium).
  • Remove batteries if unit is not in use for an extended period of time. To prevent data loss, connect to an Internet enabled computer prior to changing batteries.
  • Always remove exhausted batteries from unit.
  • The supply terminals must not be short-circuited.
  • Do not dispose of batteries in fire.
  • Do not attempt to recharge ordinary batteries.
  • We do not recommend the use of rechargeable batteries.
  • Only batteries of the same and equivalent type as indicated should be used.

2. Connecting the EKOMINI™ Coin Reader to a computer with a USB cable

connecting Ekomini

Connect the provided USB Series D Cable (small end) into the coin reader and USB Series A plus into any of the USB ports on the powered-up computer connected to the Internet.

3. Connecting to ekominiville.com, product and user registration

Using your web browser software, go to www.ekominiville.com and follow instructions that appear on the screen to complete the registration process and begin enjoying the EKOMINI™ financial learning experience.

4. Use of EKOMINI™ Coin Reader

use of Ekomini

To use the coin reader, place the coin in the slot with a finger on the top and center of the coin as illustrated and push it all the way down into the moneybox.

All Canadian and American coins can be read by the EKOMINI™ coin reader.

EKOMINI™ can be used at all times either connected to the Internet or not. If EKOMINI™ is not connected, the value of the coins that are inserted in the moneybox are kept in memory by the exclusive coin reader technology and is updated when reconnected to the EKOMINI™ web site.

Paper currency: Paper currency may be entered into the slot located at the front of the moneybox. The value of paper currency will not be counted by the EKOMINI™ coin reader. A feature on the EKOMINI™ web site allows users to enter the value of the paper currency deposited.

IMPORTANT: Do not insert any objects other than coins. Doing so will void the Warranty.

5. Opening the Coin Saver

opening coin saver

Use a flat end screwdriver (not included) to remove the coin reader from the moneybox as illustrated.